Secure and Control

Secure and Control

Secure Intranet Command Console

Secure Intranet Command Console



Mission critical voice

Mission Critical Voice

My Mission

My Mission


Team on Mission is a comprehensive range of mobile voice and text protection features (MVPT) all in one solution.

3GPP compliant for Release 13 and will be for Realease 14. It will take avantage of new standards as new devices become available

Architecture is fully decentralized and scalable

Can be fully virtualized on secured clouds

Multiple Closed Voice Channels

Launch a call from any location, in groups or individually, mark your team’s location in real time on the map while speaking

Encrypted Communication Channel

Secure voice and text, message archiving, secure micro SD. Combat hack threats and data loss risks

Cost Effective Option

For critical voice, text and multi-media features with Geolocation capability

Robust Architecture

MCPTT can be deployed on a hosting site, multiple sites or remote fields with geo-redundancy capacities

Tactical Bubble

A private LTE network gives stronger options for field communications that complements or replaces existing PMR or TETRA systems

Key Features

Closed user group, encryption, web administration portal

Closed User Group - A company administrator can add, edit and delete closed user group on the system and assign user into them. Closed user group are lists of users that are designed to facilitate and accelerate communication between different functional entities within the organization.

Encryption - Messages are encrypted by the Application Server using the TLS encryption format. File transfers are encrypted using the HTTPS encryption protocol.

Web Admin Portal - The web-based company administration portal is the central place where company administrator(s) manage users and communication groups

Security and Control

From the WebChat, supervisor can request the geolocation On Demand or real time Tracking the organization users on the map.

Also can communicate with users by :

Multimedia messages (text, image, audio, video, location, document sharing)
One-to-one VoIP (Voice over IP network)
One-to-One and Group PTT call
PTT Channel
Multiple Group PTT / Data Wipe / Video Streaming

Secure Intranet Command Console

Geolocation, danger alert, overview of agents locations from dispatch and mobile terminals

An administrator can :

Activate the geolocation On Demand or real time Tracking for a user
Define a user as a supervisor : this user will access to users’ location on the map from the WebChat.

Emergency alert message, geolocation of agents in danger from web console

Easy-access point to send alert quickly and discretely by user
Automatic sending of the geolocation of the user with the alert message
Warning notification and quick Click-to-action (call/access to the geolocation on a map) for alert recipients


MCPTT, Secure Channels

The Application Server supports :

One-to-one VoIP (Voice over IP network)
One-to-One and Group PTT call
PTT Channels
IP PTT and Radio PTT connection

Mission critical voice

Utilizing My Mission allows flexible process management, from anywhere, and across all devices. Along with allowing the remote filing of forms; My Mission helps you give your team the freedom to work effectively from any location. Less time spent on internal bureaucracy, means more time to focus on getting the job done.

C3 : Command, Control, and Communications; all possible with My Mission integrated with Team on Mission.

My Mission


Team on Mission is a product of StreamWIDE. StreamWIDE is a leading communications software technology provider with worldwide reach in the areas of secure mobile solutions, visual voice mail and real time charging solutions.


Rugged Phones

Headset / Earpieces

i.Safe Mobile
RugGear RG500

IP67 W101

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